Why to Choose Racer Template

There are several reasons to choose Racer Template, but I'll list a few quick ones below, in no particular order.

  • Free to Try Out - There's no risk to try it out. You will have to setup a payment subscription during the install process, but it won't start charging until the two month trial has expired. If you cancel before the trial ends, you won't be charged.
  • Get it Quickly - Your new Racer Template racing website will be up and running VERY quickly. Like, within a matter of minutes! Times may vary depending on how busy the server is, but it should only take 2-5 minutes most of the time!
  • Easy to Use - The Racer Template racing website package is easy to use and it's setup for you. There will be a few features/settings that require some setup if you choose to use them, but all you have to do is send an email for help. I will be creating self-help videos in the near future to help with the admin area as well.
  • Exposure for Sponsors - Give your sponsors exposure on your website to help increase their brand awareness and show thanks for their support.
  • Display Sponsorship Packages - You can display available sponsorship packages on your website for any business owners who may be visiting your site.
  • Built by a Racing Web Design Company - I've been building driver websites through ElliottBrand Web Designs since around 2002 and have developed many racing websites for dirt track racers all the way up to NASCAR and IndyCar. This racing website package is a culmination of years of experience building racer websites. All racers wanted essentially the same features, so I build all those features (and more) into this racing website application.
  • Low Cost - Just Pay Monthly - There is no large up-front cost like you'd experience with a fully custom website design. You simply pay monthly and get all the features you need in a racer website.
  • No Hosting Cost - With a fully custom racing website, a decent hosting plan may run you around $200 a year all by itself. With the Racer Template website package, the site hosting is included as part of your package, so there is no extra charge for hosting.
  • Constant Innvotion - This racing website will continue to evolve and improve and those improvements will benefit everyone using the Racer Template. This is something you wouldn't get with a custom website, unless you paid a developer to constantly improve or develop your site (which would be very expensive). As improvements are made to the Racer Template racing website, they are pushed out to everyone's site automatically.
  • Online Store - This may be one of the biggest reasons to have a racer website. Even if you don't have a huge fan base yet, you still have family and friends that may want to purchase your apparel online. People love racing shirts. This store system can do complex things like utilize UPS or USPS apps to calculate shipping, can charge state based sales tax, or be as simple as you want and just charge a flat cost for an item and not charge shipping or tax. For example, some racers just want to simply charge $5 extra per shirt to cover shipping and keep it simple. The choice is yours.