About Racer Template

Racer Template is a company founded in 2009 by Steve Elliott, owner of ElliottBrand Web Designs. So, the website package is designed and programmed by ElliottBrand Web Designs. ElliottBrand has a long history of producing premium custom websites for drivers from short tracks to NASCAR and IndyCar.

A large focus was put into Racer Template in 2018 to completely rebuild it, give it more modern features, and turn it into a package that ANY racer would want to use. It allows drivers to have a full featured professional website without the up-front design fee. The new Racer Template was officially launched on May 20th, 2019. This new package was also developed to utilize the benefits of newer technology to allow constant innovation and improvements to be applied to the website package that benefits all customers, since these changes/upgrades are automatically pushed out to all the Racer Template sites. This is a benefit that you wouldn't get with a custom site, unless you was willing to pay for the ongoing development time for your custom site. There are so many positives to this new racer website package and it's exciting to have the new application launched and available!