RacerTemplate.com Now Offers an Auto-Installer and Free Trial!

4 years ago

Racer Template is happy to announce a new feature has been built into the website that now allows your new Racer Template website to be setup very quickly through an automated process! The auto-installer will create your new account, add all the necessary files, and provide you with the login information at the end of the process, which should usually only take about 5 minutes or less. However, it may take longer if multiple people are attempting the install all at the same time. You can setup your new Racer Template site on the Sign Up page.

You will be given the option to use a custom domain name or setup your site with a username. If you choose to start with the username route, the site can always be switched to use a custom domain later. This is the route you'll want to go if you already have a live site that you aren't ready to take down.

Since this automated process will take care of most of the heavy lifting, we're able to now offer a FREE TRIAL! You will need to create a subscription with PayPal, but it won't charge anything for the first month. Unless you cancel, the normal monthly rate of $34.95 will begin after that first month is up.

Note: At the time of this release, the site won't immediately be accessible at an https:// URL at the end of the auto-install, but the security certificate should finish setting up within 10-20 minutes after the install.

If you experience any issues, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through the Contact page.