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Racer Template 2019 is Coming Soon! It's a TOTALLY NEW website application that's mobile friendly and offers you everything you need in a racer website. Stay tuned for more information, or send us an email through the contact page!
The Racer Template Website Package
Try out a Racer Template driver website for ONLY $5 and have it up and running FAST!  The Racer Template driver website package is FULL of useful features! It has everything a racer needs to properly promote themselves to their fans, sponsors, and potential team owners who may be looking for a driver. The store in this driver website package has a PayPal based shopping cart, which allows users to pay for their order online (through PayPal), making it quick and easy for fans to purchase your apparel 24/7!

It's important to point out that this racing website template package is EASY TO USE! You don't need to have any technical knowledge and you don't need to set it up (we do that for you)!! Managing the content through the admin area is as easy as using a message board! You edit your text and upload content with a few simple clicks of the button!

This racer website package is great for drivers or teams and it allows you to turn off some of the pages you don't need. Please scroll down for a full list of features.
Customer Site Examples
www.shanegolobic.com - Sprint Car and Midget Car Racer - California
www.socalovalkarters.com - So Cal Oval Kart Club
www.audreygerberding.com - Mini Outlaw Kart Racer
www.melvinmotorsports.com - Late Model Sportsman Racer
www.harmonyandersonracing.com - Quarter Midget Racer - Minnesota
www.herschbergerracing.com - Tyler Herschberger - Ohio
www.geoffensign.com - Sprint Car Racer - California
Website Features
Multiple Color Themes (Theme can be changed anytime in the admin section).
Upload your own custom Header Image, to give your site a custom look!
Includes Content Management System (administration area), so you can easily maintain your site.
Includes hosting.
Upload a banner image or google banner code, to display a banner in the top of your site. If you charge a sponsor $19.95 a month to display their banner on your site, your site would essentially be free, since they'd be covering your cost. And it would be a tax write-off for the advertiser/sponsor.
Insert custom description and keywords meta tags.
Gain increased traffic from this site's Facebook social plugin's! One of these allows facebook users to post responses to your news articles with their facebook login and even post that comment to their facebook wall.
Add a featured photo to your main page.
Add your team/crew members to the team page.
Add your racing videos to a video gallery.
**Add your racing shirts and apparel to your online store system, which allows fans to purchase your items online and checkout through PayPal (one of the web's Most Secure payment processors).
Display your bio/resume, racing schedule, results, news, sponsors, and photos online in a professional website! A PROFESSIONAL LOOKING WEBSITE WILL HELP SPONSORS TAKE YOU MORE SERIOUS!
Turn off pages in the site package that you don't wish to use.
No setup fee
No Long-Term Commitment!
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